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Weight Room and Indoor Training Facility

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About Us

Cultivating Morehouse Men as Global Leaders

At the core of the Morehouse Football Alumni Association (MFAA) lies an unwavering commitment: to uphold and champion the esteemed legacy and values instilled in each of our members during their time at 'Dear Ole Morehouse.' We stand as an unyielding pillar within the Morehouse community, fostering a culture of excellence and unwavering integrity that deeply resonates with every current and former member of the football program.

Our Mission

Our mission is resolute: to act as unwavering champions of the cherished traditions and values embodied by Morehouse College and its esteemed football team. Through relentless fundraising initiatives, our objective is to bolster a preeminent football program, equipping our student-athletes with the requisite resources and opportunities to excel both academically and athletically. This includes the establishment of a world-class weightroom and nutrition center, ensuring our athletes have access to cutting-edge facilities for their physical development.

We aspire to empower Morehouse student-athletes, not solely for success in their chosen sport, but also to earn illustrious degrees from Morehouse College. In doing so, we pave the path toward triumphant professional careers, shaping them into distinguished Morehouse Men and global citizens.

Our Vision

Our Initiatives

Fundraising: We are committed to fostering a nurturing foundation through sustainable fundraising endeavors. This ensures that the football program at Morehouse College stands tall, reflecting the college's enduring commitment to excellence and community. Part of our fundraising efforts will go towards establishing a world-class weightroom and nutrition center to enhance our athletes' physical conditioning.


We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to actively involving MFAA members, alumni, ardent supporters, and philanthropists in a united front. Together, we champion the journey of our student-athletes as they passionately pursue their love for the sport.


Our primary aim is to provide guidance for our student-athletes as they transition into successful careers, emerging as leaders in diverse fields, fully prepared to make meaningful contributions to society.

Join Us

Become an integral part of a community that shares an indomitable passion for Morehouse athletics. Collaborate with us as we tirelessly work towards enabling our student-athletes to compete at the highest levels, obtain their degrees, and flourish in their lifelong pursuits. Witness them emerge as genuine Morehouse Men and leaders on the global stage. Together, we nurture excellence, honor tradition, and empower the future. Join the MFAA today and help us establish a world-class weightroom and nutrition center for our athletes.